What We Do

Our TrumpetsWelcome to our Web Site.  We make Natural and Baroque Trumpets inspired by the trumpets produced in Nuremburg by the Ehe and Haas families in the 17th and 18th centuries.

We are very keen to encourage as many players as possible to try out and have their own Natural or Baroque Trumpet.  Unfortunately, because they are handmade, very specialist and often made to a customer’s individual specification they can be very expensive! We therefore decided to produce a range of instruments, from a basic starter outfit to a complete, bespoke instrument suitable for professional players.

Our Trumpets

Standard TrumpetWe can make trumpets in all keys from F down to C, in modern, classical and Baroque pitches.  Bells are hand-made from 0.4mm brass sheet and can be either one piece or two piece, and have a garland or rim wire.  All tubes are made from seamless brass, and the ferrules have engraved lines on them.  The trumpet is in raw brass which is polished, but not lacquered or plated.

To keep costs down we can supply yards individually, so that customers can purchase them for different keys as needed.  There is one vent yard for each key as well as one with no vents.  

We can supply two mouthpiece receivers; one has a parallel bore and receives a baroque mouthpiece, and the other is tapered, giving the attack and response of a modern trumpet.  Leadpipes of different lengths are supplied for each key, which can be used with both modern and Baroque mouthpieces.

Note that all photographs show our trumpets with OPTIONAL silver plating