Foster Model

We make Natural and Baroque Trumpets based on the trumpets produced in Nuremburg in the 17th and 18th centuries.

We are very keen to encourage as many players as possible to try out and have their own Natural or Baroque Trumpet. Unfortunately because they are handmade, and often made to a customer’s individual specification they can be very expensive!  We therefore decided to produce a range of instruments, from a basic starter outfit to a complete, bespoke instrument suitable for professional players at what we feel are very competitive prices.

We take great pride in the fact we make our own one piece bells, below is a time-lapse video of one being made


We always customise every trumpet to an individual’s specific requirements, so no two instruments are ever the same. They can be built in any combination of keys, from high F down to Bb in modern, Classical and Baroque pitches.


  • Bells are handmade in one piece, normally from 0.45mm brass sheet and have a garland with bezel wire
  • Tubes on standard instruments are seamless, but can also be seamed
  • Ferrules have engraved lines on them, and can be made from either brass or nickel silver
  • Trumpets come with two mouthpiece receivers. One is tapered and accepts a modern mouthpiece, the other is parallel, for a Baroque style mouthpiece
  • Bells can have bespoke engraving

Special Kodisch Engraving

Each trumpet is made from brass which is polished and then left in its raw state. They are not lacquered or plated. Alternatively we can make trumpets in copper, sterling silver or nickel silver. To keep costs down we can supply vent yards and mouthpipes individually so customers can purchase them for different keys as needed. There is a different mouthpipe and vent yard for each key, as well as a holeless yard.


Special Engraving

We have worked with AR Resonance in Italy to produce a range of mouthpieces suitable for our trumpets. These are based on modern mouthpiece designs, and have interchangeable cups and backbores.

Here are videos of our instruments being played by Mark Bennett and Josh Cohen