Long and Short models in Db

The short model was produced as a response to customer feedback describing the difficulties that many players experienced stretching to reach the vent holes – especially in Baroque pitch D. The new design is SO much more comfortable to play!  Because of the different back bow the vents are brought much closer to a player’s body, making it very easy to reach them.




Short Model in Eb.

An added bonus with this design is that by purchasing an optional semitone back bow, vent yard and leadpipe the trumpet plays in F (Baroque pitch). Perfect for Brandenburg 2 with no need to buy an extra trumpet…





We make one piece bells that have a Garland to strengthen the bell flare, and the Garland can have bezel wire made from either brass or Sterling silver. Normally the bell material is brass, but we can also make them from copper, nickel and Sterling silver. The bell thickness is usually 0.45mm, but a very lightweight bell can be made using material that is significantly thinner.



Swapping between a modern mouthpiece and tapered leadpipe and a mouthpiece of true Baroque proportions can be a most difficult task. For many players leading busy lives and having to play in the modern era with its very varied styles of performance it simply is not a practical proposition. We can supply mouthpiece receivers for both types of mouthpiece for all of our trumpets. In addition an adapter is available which receives a modern mouthpiece and fits into a Baroque receiver. The modern mouthpiece receiver has a tapered leadpipe which gets hidden inside the parallel section leadpipe.

We also produce mouthpieces to a client’s individual requirements, and have recently worked with AR Resonance in Italy to produce a range of top quality mouthpieces. These have separate cups and backbores and come in both modern and Baroque styles, in raw brass, gold or silver plate.



Our Company name “Barlow & Martin” is usually engraved somewhere on each instrument, usually around the Garland, and it is possible to have no engraving at all. We can quote separately for individual, unique engraving of the sort seen on our “Kodisch” model.



We are able to supply both single and double Natural Trumpet cases. The single will take an assembled long model together with all of it’s vent yards and leadpipes. The double will take two assembled long models and all yards and leadpipes, and there is also a pouch for music. Each case has a badge embroidered with our Company name and Logo sewn onto it.




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