The New FOSTER Model

Foster 2

Foster Model

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Trumpet, developed in collaboration with John Foster, Musical Director of Australian Baroque Brass. It has been developed for the demanding professional performer who wants an instrument of the highest quality.  In keeping with our founding philosophy of producing affordable trumpets, we can provide an instrument of truly world class quality at an exceptional price…….



Foster Bell

The bell profile is modelled closely on an instument built by Johann Carl Kodisch in Nuremburg ca 1700. Now in Eb, it was slightly shortened at some time in the past and probably used with shanks or crooks for pitches of D or C. Our bell diameter has been made slightly less than the original, at 110mm compared to 119mm. The trumpet can be made from Brass, Copper, Nickel Silver, or any combination of the three!


  • Seamless brass tube, 11mm diameter
  • Plays in D, Db, C, Cb (a’@440hz)
  • One piece, hand hammered bell
  • Sterling silver bezel wire on garland
  • Seperate vent yards for each key
  • Two mouthpiece receivers, modern and baroque. Modern has a tapered leadpipe hidden inside an outer sleeve
  • Elaborate engraving on all ferrules